Month: October 2018

Interview question

Tell me something that"s true, that almost nobody agrees with you on. Peter A. Thiel - German-born American investor and company founder: PayPal (b. 1967), in a discussion with entrepreneur and LinkedIn"s co-founder Reid Hoffman (2012), Quotations book 2019

Everyone is edifying

I have rarely if ever found anyone out of whom I could not extract amusement or edification. Sir Walter Scott - Scottish historical novelist, playwright, poet and historian (1771-1832), from his diary, published as "The Journal of Sir Walter Scott", volume 1 (1890)


Generosity is taking care of the others. Jean-Pascal Bobst – Swiss mechanical engineer and manager (b. 1965), Quotations book 2019


Sometimes it’s good to have a screw loose, it gives your ideas more free play. Prof. Dr. Achim Kampker - German engineer and company founder: StreetScooter GmbH (b. 1975)