Information about Norman Rentrop

His career, his investment-philosophy and his company

PI Capital Family Office (Members” Directory 2004/2005)

Information about Norman Rentrop

Current Main Position:
Rentrop Investment Office (Rentropsche Vermögensverwaltung), Chairman

Summary of Career:
Norman is an investor in both private and public equity. In October 2003 he acquired 14 % of publicly traded Borussia Dortmund (Germanys top league soccer team).

His family office invests in
a) undervalued public companies
b) merger arbitrage and special situations
c) enhanced indexing
d) Berkshire Hathaway
e) Private equity with a very long term (10+ years) outlook

In private equity Norman has invested in 18 companies in Britain, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Russia, China, USA with an IRR of 16.5 % p.a. (1991 – 2002). Among his better known investments have been Sunday Business Post, n-tv ( the german news channel) and ADI Auftragsdienst der Deutschen Industrie (Construction Market ).
He brings a very entrepreneurial view to investing being not afraid of investing against sometimes even high sentiment, yet is a very handsoff investor like his great role model Warren Buffett. You can see him regularly at the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder meeting (1 st Saturday in May in Omaha, NE).

Norman built a Euro 100m professional publishing company from scratch. After his 40th birthday he moved from the operational side of the publishing company to chairman of the supervisory board to have more time for inner reflection and his family.

The publishing company is run by excellent managers. Norman oversees the investing of his family Office.

Sectors of Expertise:
Primary: Printing & Publishing

Current Directorships
Verlag für die Deutsche Wirtschaft
Fleet Street Publishing
Bibel TV Foundation
Rentrop Foundation

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