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People with special talents, financial abundance or political power have enormous resources which they can invest for their own benefit as well as the good of others.

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However, the wealthy and influential often pay a high price for their success. Their physical and mental health is affected by stress, and their personal relationships with their spouses, children and friends also suffer. Admired and esteemed, these individuals can also experience a profound inner emptiness and loneliness.

Mammon is a destructive spirit. If we have not placed ourselves under God“s ownership, then we remain bound by materialism. Zacchaeus the tax collector understood this principle and acted immediately to change his situation. In the gospels we find many other stories and examples of how people are freed from existential fear through a personal relationship with God. As they are liberated from dependence on their possessions and the desire for prestige, they become partners in God“s works. They experience personal healing and liberty as their focus turns from self to others.