How we invest – what we invest in…

We are very longterm (10, 20, 30 years and longer) oriented investors: Family Business Owners that think in Generations. We provide patient capital.

We look for cooperation based on trust. We feel happy in minority positions.

7 criteria for our investments:

1. The company has annual profits of at least 3 million Euros (sum of reported profit and increase in earnings power).
2. Proven consistent profitability (we are not interested in long-term projections or turnaround situations).
3. The management love their job, not the money.
4. The company has a return on equity higher than 10% and at the same time has no or little debt.
5. The company has an existing management (we can”t provide managers outside subscription driven publishing business)
6. Competitive advantage must be defendable for 10 or more years.
7. The purchase price has to be fixed (we don”t want to waste neither our nor the seller”s time talking about a business – not even preliminary – when there”s no information about the price)

We love to invest. We invest in all industries that we understand.

Examples of our investments:

AlarmForce, Canadian Alarmsystem-Operator
Agora Business Publications, British newsletter publisher
Cembre, Italian Manufacturer of crimping and cutting tools
Doccheck, German Healthcare Marketing
EQS Group, News Agency for Investor Relations
Gesco AG, Holding company for medium-sized industrial companies
Grafenia PLC, British Internet Print Service
Gruppo MutuiOnline, Italian Internet-based Mortgage Broker
Infas Holding AG, German marketresearch institute and photo agency
Kromi, German Toolmanagement
Medical Columbus, German supplier for electronic procurement and data standardisation in the hospital market
Mincon Group Plc., Irish producer of drill equipment for the mining industry
PSI AG, software systems for energy suppliers, industry and infrastructure
R. Stahl AG, Explosion protection
Rentrop & Straton, Rumanian publisher
Thermador, French Importer of SanitaryGoods
VNR Verlag fuer die Deutsche Wirtschaft AG, German publisher for business owners
Washtec, German Car Wash Manufacturer
Wydawnictwo Wiedza i Praktyka, Polish publisher