Our Investment Criteria

Rentrop Investment Office offers longterm patient captial as a stable anchor investor

Recurring Revenue Business Models preferred
Rentrop Investment Office is an all equity – no leverage investor

Investments must pass these 3 criteria:
1. Long term sustainable competitive advantage
2. Integrity of Management
3. Attractive Price

Rentrop Investment Office has invested in companies in Britain, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Russia, China, U.S.

Among the better known investments have been Sunday Business Post, yasni.com (free people search), n-tv (the german news channel) , ADI Auftragsdienst der Deutschen Industrie (Construction Market Research ) , Borussia Dortmund (Soccer) .

Rentrop Investment Office brings a very entrepreneurial view to investing,
being not afraid of investing against sometimes even high sentiment, yet is a very handsoff investor.