Market Cap: Micro-Cap, Small-Cap, Mid-Cap, Large-Cap

Styles: Value

Average P/E: Medium to Low

Average Yield: Medium to High

Portfolio Turnover: Low

Asset Allocation: 90% Stocks, 10% Other

Country/Region Coverage: Europe, European Developed, Global, North America, United States, Emerging Markets


Rentrop Investment Office (Rentropsche Vermögensverwaltung) manages separate portfolios. Rentrop Investment Office (Rentropsche Vermögensverwaltung) is a micro/small/mid/large-cap value-oriented investor that allocates its equity assets to the following regions: (a) 50% Europe; (b) 30% North America; and , (c) 20% Emerging Markets and Global.


Rentrop Investment Office (Rentropsche Vermögensverwaltung) is a bottom up investor and seeks to invest in: (a) undervalued stocks; (b) special situations; (c) stocks below net current assets; and, (d) merger arbitrage opportunities. Rentrop Investment Office holds approximately 100 positions and relies on external brokerage and research.