Transposer au 21e siècle

translated by IVCG

C’est une nouveauté pour moi de parler de ma foi. Notre éducation allemande ne nous apprend-elle pas que «La foi est une affaire privée»? Et de l’affaire privée, il n’y a pas loin jusqu’à la solitude. (french version of “Making things happen in the century”) more…

How to Lose Millions of Dollars & Other Valuable Advice


Inspired by similary titled book by Textron founder Royal Little, Norman Rentrop will share his many experiences of how he has lost and made millions and other business survival trips. Famous for his case studies at NPA publisher conferences, Norman will present a special case study in which he will ask for audience perticipation and will entrust you with his eight rules for financing start-ups and 12 rules for acquisitions. more…

Making things happen in the century

Norman Rentrop in Stuttgart

The very personal speech of Norman Rentrop about his own faith at the christian leadership conference 1999 near Stuttgart in Fellbach. (Der “Über-setzen ins 21. Jahrhundert”-Vortrag in Englisch) more…