What do you do for others?

When you dream of success, are you ready for endurance?
You are ambitious to lead, but are you ready to serve?
We all want to get, do we know how to give?
We all want to be heard, but are we prepared to listen?
We all want to be happy, but do we feel for the sad?
We all want to standout, but do we know how to be supportive?
We all know what we want, but do you know what you need?
You want to change others, but would you change for them?
We all know how to condemn, but do we know how to reflect?
We all want to have face, but do you know honor?
We all want to have wealth, but do you know the real value of wealth?
We know passion, but do you know love?

Sir Li Ka-shing – Hong Kong business magnate, investor and philanthropist (b. 1928), from his speech to graduates from Shantou University, Guangdong (April 29th, 2004), Quotations book 2021