Bishop’s word

Rebuking troublemakers, comforting the fainthearted, looking after the weak, refuting opponents, being on guard against the devious, teaching the ignorant, rousing the lazy, restraining the quarrelsome, resisting the conceited, calming people fighting, helping the poor, liberating the oppressed, encouraging the good, tolerating the bad – and loving them all.

Corripiendi sunt inquieti, pusillanimes consolandi, infirmi suscipiendi, contradicentes redarguendi, insidiantes cavendi, inperiti docendi, desidiosi excitandi, contentiosi cohibendi, superbientes reprimendi, desperantes erigendi, litigantes pacandi, inopes adiuvandi, oppressi liberandi, boni adprobandi, mali tolerandi, omnes amandi.

Caesarius of Arles (Caesarius Arelatensis) – known as Caesarius uf Chalon, Gallic theologian and Chuch Father, from 503 Archbishop of Arles (c. 470-542), from his sermon 232,3, seemingly quoted from Augustine of Hippo (known as Aurelius Augustinus, early Christian theologian and philosopher, one of the four Latin Doctors of Church, 354-430, Serm 340,3), Quotations book 2024