Cookery or medicine

Cookery simulates the disguise of medicine, and pretends to know what food is the best for the body; and if the physician and the cook had to enter into a competition in which children were the judges, or men who had no more sense than children, as to which of them best understands the goodness or badness of food, the physician would be starved to death.

Medicinam igitur coquinaria subiens simulat optimos se cibos corpori nosse, ita ut, si inter pueros vel viros æque ac pueri insipientes contendere oporteret coquum atque medicum, uter eorum de bonis malisve cibis intelligat, medicus fame periret.

Plato – Greek philosopher (ca. 428-348 BC), from his dialogue “Gorgias” (c. between 393 and 388 BC)