Learn from history

History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes. proverb, falsely attributed to Mark Twain - born Samuel Langhorne Clemens, American writer (1835-1910), Quotations book 2022

Everything starts small

The beginnings of all things are small. Omnium enim rerum principia parva sunt. Marcus Tullius Cicero – Roman politician (106-43 B.C.), from "On the ends of good and evil", book V, chapter XXI ("De finibus bonorum et malorum", 45 B.C.), Quotations book 2021


Example would avail ten times more than precept. Charles James Fox - British politician (1749-1806), from his speech on expenditure of public money in barracks (April 8th, 1796), Quotations book 2021


The great thing about fact-based decisions is that they overrule the hierarchy. Jeffrey P. "Jeff" Bezos – American company founder: Amazon (b. 1964), quoted in "Jeff Bezos: Definitive Guide to PR and Marketing For Founders and Entrepreneurs — Pressfarm" (2018), Quotations book 2021

Good conversation

A good conversation is like a miniskirt, short enough to retain interest, but long enough to cover the subject. American wisdom - Quotations book 2021

Learn from mistakes

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. Henry Ford - American engineer and industrialist (1863-1947), from "My Life and Work" (1922), Quotations book 2021


Research your existing portfolio with the same energy and passion as new ideas Rick di Mascio – British portfolio manager, CEO: Inalytics (b. 1957), Quotations book 2021

Think more

People calculate too much and think too little. Charlie Munger – Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway (b. 1924), at the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder"s meeting (2002), Quotations book 2021


The way of the sage is to act but not to compete. from the Tao Te Ching – most significant proverb collection of Daoism (chapter 81, 4th century BC), according to a legend written by Lao Tzu (Chinese philosopher, c. 3rd to 5th century BC)


Truth is stronger than fiction. Mark Twain – born Samuel Langhorne Clemens, American writer (1835-1910), from "Following the Equator" ("Pudd"nhead Wilson"s New Calendar", chapter XV, 1897)


Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune. attributed to Jim Rohn - American entrepreneur, author and motivational trainer (1930-2009)

On giants’ shoulders

If I have seen further it is by standing on ye shoulders of giants. Sir Isaac Newton – English mathematician, physicist and astronomer (1643-1727), from a letter to Robert Hooke (5.2.1676)


For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn"t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction. Cynthia Occelli, JD - American author and entrepreneur


Knowing what you don"t know is more useful than being brilliant. Charlie Munger – Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway (b. 1924), from "A Fireside Chat With Charlie Munger" ("Wall Street Journal", September 12th, 2014)

New paths

It would be absurd and self-contradictory to expect to achieve things, which have never yet been done can be done, other than through means that have never yet been tried. Insanum quiddam esset, et in se contrarium, existimare ea, quae adhuc nunquam facta sunt, fieri posse, nisi per modos adhuc nunquam tentatos. Sir Francis Bacon - English philosopher, politician and writer (1561-1626), from...


Those who keep learning will keep rising in life. Charlie Munger – Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway (b. 1924), from his USC School of Law Commencement speech (May 13th, 2007)

Get smarter

Learning from the success and failure of others is the fastest way to get smarter and wiser without a lot of pain. Tren Griffin - American author and entrepreneur, Senior Director at Microsoft, from "Charlie Munger: The Complete Investor" (2015)


When you see a good investment, look for a better investment. Guy Spier – South African investor (b. 1966), from "The Education of a Value Investor" (2014)


L"intuizione, è l"intelligenza che commette un eccesso di velocità. proverbio italiano - Libretto delle citazioni 2020