Mortal – immortal

That in the meantime we die, we are passing over to immortality by death; nor can eternal life follow, unless it should befall us to depart from this life. That is not an ending, but a transit[, and, this journey of time being traversed, a passage to eternity].

Quod interim morimur, ad inmortalitatem morte transgredimur nec potest uita aeterna succedere, nisi hinc contigerit exire. Non est exitus iste sed transitus [et temporali itinere decurso ad aeterna transgressus].

Cyprian of Carthago – born Thascius Caecilius Cyprianus, northern African theologean, 148-258 bishop of Carthago (c. 200-258), from “About mortality”, part 3, chapter 22 (“De mortalitate”, 252/3)