· Get in Front of Wealth.

· Represent the Firm in Areas Where You Have Conviction.

· Ask for the Business.

· Know Your Customer.

· Use the Firm’s Resources Wisely.

· Don’t Procrastinate!

· If You Don’t Know the Answer, Say So, Then Get It.

· When in a Gray Area, See Your Manager.

· Help Your Colleagues.

· Contribute to the Firm & the Department.

· Treat Your Assistant as a Partner.

· Be Honest … With Yourself and With Your Customers.

· Be Humble.

· Be a Good Listener, Not Just a Good Talker.

· Take a Long-term Perspective but Have Short-term Goals.

· Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Loss.

· Communicate with Your Customers … Through Thick and Thin.

· Have a Well Thought-out Business Plan.

· Always Prospect.

· Don’t Fear Rejection; Be Prepared for It.

· Don’t Open Small Accounts; Think Big!

· Do It All … with Discipline, Enthusiasm and Persistence!.

James W. Little – American banker (Morgan Stanley), Quotations book 2007