The eight Levels of Tzedakah:

1.Highest Level: Supporting a man who has fallen into poverty by giving him a present or a loan, entering into partnership with him, or finding him work so that his hand will be fortified so that he will not have to ask others.

2. Giving to the poor without knowing to whom he gave and without the poor person knowing from whom he received.

3. Giving when the giver knows to whom he is giving, but the poor person does not know from whom he received.

4. Giving when the poor person knows from whom he took, but the donor does not know to whom he gave.

5. Giving in his hands before he asks.

6. Giving him after he asks.

7. Giving him less than what is appropriate, but with a pleasant countenance.

8. Giving him with sadness.

Moses Maimonides – Jewish philosopher, law scholar and physician, most influential Jewish scholar (c. 1135-1204), from the Mischne Tora, Hilchot Mat’not Ani’im,, Chapter 10, 7-14 [Tzedakah: jewish command of charity], Quotations book 2015